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Train your new and reserve officers.


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Iowa Department of Transportation - Bureau of Investigations is using Firearms Range for training over the course of 4 hours.

Start date: 05/09/17

End date: 05/09/17

Tuition $11.50

Call 319-296-4010 to register

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This module covers Criminal Law, Haz Mat, Awareness, Domestic Abuse and Court Organization.

Start date: 05/20/17

End date: 05/21/17

Tuition $85.00

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This module covers Crisis Conflict, Vehicle Stops, Collision Scene Control, Felony Calls, Role of Emergency Communication, and Traffic Direction.

Start date: 08/19/17

End date: 08/20/17

Tuition $85.00

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This module covers Blood Borne Pathogens, Weather Preparedness, Juvenile Law, Testifying in Court, Search & Seizure, and Current Drug Trends.

Start date: 06/03/17

End date: 06/04/17

Tuition $85.00

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Street Survival originated in 1980 and was designed to train officers how to survive a gunfight. As Law Enforcement has evolved, so too has the Street Survival Seminar. Our current focus is educating today’s officer in the statistical realities of surviving the “24/7” aspect of a career in Law Enforcement by addressing both on-and-off-duty challenges. The Seminar is presented over two days in a highly dynamic format by nationally recognized, veteran law enforcement officers and trainers. The course analyzes the most current videos of live law enforcement related incidents as well as classic cases in order to sharpen the skills to be successful during street confrontations. Instructors examine case law, scientific data regarding stress management and human performance science as it pertains to the use of force. Register online at

Start date: 07/25/17

End date: 07/26/17

Tuition $0.00

Call 319-296-4442 to register

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