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Hawkeye Business and Community Education provides professional skill development for individuals and businesses. Cutting-edge, rigorous and relevant career and technical education (CTE) prepares youth and adults for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers . Browse a complete list of our courses or course series and if you do not see the type of course you are looking for suggest a course or contact us to learn more about designing customized training for your workforce.

Ever had a flat tire or dead battery, but did not know how to fix it? This Basic Automotive Maintenance class for women will not qualify you for a NAS ...  View More

Start date: 11/16/19

End date: 11/16/19

Tuition $39.00

Location : Regional Transportation Training Center Location : 
  Regional Transportation Training Center.

Room :  109

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You can help restore the bee population by having one or two hives in your backyard! Learn everything you need to know to get started including hive a ...  View More

Start date: 01/15/20

End date: 04/22/20

Tuition $149.00

Location : Main Campus - Buchanan Hall Location : 
  Main Campus - Buchanan Hall.

Room :  108

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Would you like simpler mornings, less clutter, more productivity and possibly less laundry? The minimalism movement is helping individuals find meanin ...  View More

Start date: 11/07/19

End date: 11/07/19

Tuition $19.00

Location : Cedar Falls Center Location : 
  Cedar Falls Center.

Room :  111 / 113

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Would you like to grow flowers and plants from seeds and increase the color power of your landscape? One of the hardest parts of garden planning is ge ...  View More

Start date: 02/18/20

End date: 02/18/20

Tuition $19.00

Location : Cedar Falls Center Location : 
  Cedar Falls Center.

Room :  112

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Learn from our expert how to diagnose, tune-up, and perform small engine repairs yourself instead of having someone else fix it, saving you time and m ...  View More

Start date: 04/11/20

End date: 04/18/20

Tuition $89.00

Location : Main Campus - Butler Hall Location : 
  Main Campus - Butler Hall.

Room :  111

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