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Find ideas and inspirations for your home and garden, as well as the expert help you need to accomplish your goals in our home improvement, decorating, interior design, and gardening.

Hawkeye Business and Community Education provides professional skill development for individuals and businesses. Cutting-edge, rigorous and relevant career and technical education (CTE) prepares youth and adults for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers . Browse a complete list of our courses or course series and if you do not see the type of course you are looking for suggest a course or contact us to learn more about designing customized training for your workforce.

Ever had a flat tire or dead battery, but did not know how to fix it?  This Basic Automotive Maintenance class for women will not qualify you for a NASCAR pit crew, but you will get a clearer picture of what goes on under your car's hood.  Mary will pass along the knowledge she has gained from many years of experience in the automotive industry.  In a non-judgmental atmosphere, learn the basics of how a car works; simple maintenance procedures that can help save you money, grief, and waiting around for a service technician to show up.  Learn the auto jargon and build your confidence with this hands-on course, that will provide you the knowledge to perform your own light automotive maintenance.   Please wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.    

Start date: 03/10/18

End date: 03/10/18

Tuition $39.00

Location : Regional Transportation Training Center Location : 
  Regional Transportation Training Center.

Room :  109

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Flat tire. Chain comes off sprocket. Brakes fail. And you are in the middle of nowhere. Now what do you do? This crash course will teach you what to do to survive those bicycle emergencies on the trail. Also, learn the general bicycle maintenance and care to avoid those crises. Bicycles, training aids, and tools will be provided. Leave with tire levers, patch kit, and the know-how to get your bike back on the road safely. Youth 15+ may register.

Start date: 03/14/18

End date: 03/14/18

Tuition $39.00

Location : Bike Tech Location : 
  Bike Tech.

Room :  Room

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The disappearance of the honey bee has been alarming this past decade and will have a huge impact on one third of our food supply if we, as a society, don't take action. The restoration of the bee population in the United States will not be a few companies with millions of bee hives, instead it will be millions of people having 1 or 2 hives in their backyards. Join this class and learn how you can be part of the solution. In this class, you will learn how to set up your hive the correct way. Discover the protective bee equipment, hive components, and assembly.  Understand the difference between the bees and why you need to know. Learn honey bee biology and class system, as well as colony management, pest management, and honey production. Also, you will be able to diagnose the signs and symptoms of viruses and colony collapse disorder and what you can do to prevent it. You will also have the opportunity to join a beekeeping club at the Cedar Valley Arboretum. This class meets every other week. Youth 15+ may register.

Start date: 05/16/18

End date: 08/22/18

Tuition $149.00

Location : Main Campus - Buchanan Hall Location : 
  Main Campus - Buchanan Hall.

Room :  108

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Grow vegetables naturally and maximize nutritional value. This class will help you develop the skills necessary to start a successful organic garden. Topics covered include integrated pest and disease management, producing healthy vegetable transplants, soil health and preparation, and intensive gardening practices. You will have the opportunity to design a custom crop map with graph paper provided. Instructor owns and operates a farm that utilizes organic practices.

Start date: 03/20/18

End date: 03/20/18

Tuition $29.00

Location : Cedar Falls Center Location : 
  Cedar Falls Center.

Room :  111 / 113

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Learn the basic elements of design and principles of composition from a published, award winning, Master Gardener! In this four session course, you will learn how to apply creative solutions for landscaping your home. Go beyond the typical foundation plantings of “three in a row and a pointy one on the end.”  Topics include low maintenance plantings, weed and pest control, and container gardening. From entry gardens to backyard entertaining areas, make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!  

Start date: 03/21/18

End date: 04/11/18

Tuition $99.00

Location : Cedar Falls Center Location : 
  Cedar Falls Center.

Room :  112

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Learn from our expert how to diagnose, tune-up, and perform small engine repairs yourself instead of having someone else fix it, saving you time and money. Learn the proper way to transition your lawn mower and snow blower from one season to the next. Discover simple maintenance techniques that can help prolong the life of your equipment’s engine. In addition, gather important safety information to prevent injury to you or your family.  

Start date: 04/07/18

End date: 04/14/18

Tuition $89.00

Location : Main Campus - Butler Hall Location : 
  Main Campus - Butler Hall.

Room :  111

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